Here's what Lindy's clients are saying:

Jason and Lindsee S.


Thank you hardly expresses our gratitude.  You are our Real Estate Angel!This process has been so easy.  I never thought buying and selling could be so painless.

It was amazing how in tune you were with our wants and needs.  You looked out for us in out time of need and saved us at least $10,000 +.

You are such a blessing to know and work with.  Thank you for everything  start to finish.

Joe and Jean W.

Dear Lindy,

We want to thank you for all the extra work, not just the usual work, you did to sell our house.  You picked it up after it had been on the market for almost six months and sold it in two weeks.  You walked us through a process that was, at times, hard for us to see the end results, yet looking back made all the sense in the world.  You took a house that was empty of personality and charm and with your stager you made it look lived in as well as elegant.  Only someone with sensitivity to the market, her client and potential buyers could have taken us so far in such a short time.

You excel at your business.  You know how to touch and reach your clients.  You listen with open ears and eyes to what is being said as well as to what is not being said vocally but emotionally.  We were ready to sell and had, we thought, distanced ourselves from our house, yet when it came to brass tacks you witnessed  the fact that this was still hard on us.  You were able to walk us through the financial problems we were having and get us the numbers  we needed to make things work.  You were willing to go the extra miles it took to help us understand all the parts of making things work.  Although this was not our first house to sell, things change and you were able to explain things so we could understand how they fit our situation.

Our expectation of our realtor was communication, if not on a daily basis, at least every other day.  We got that and more.  We don't think a day went by that you did not share something with us and we appreciate that.  We always felt like we were part of the whole process and could make good decisions in the selling process.

As you sold our house and became agent to both us and the buyer we saw the ultimate professionalism you possess.  We never realized how thin a line a realtor must walk when working both sides, yet you were and are more than capable of doing just that.  We never felt you were more for one of us than the other.  You remained honest and professional to the last.  We cannot thank you for all you did for us leading up to, during and after the sale of our house.

You also found us another house to, at this time, lease in the area we wanted.  You were able to negotiate things we needed with the agent and get us in quickly.  You know, Lindy, words just do not do this thank you justice.  We hope that your company knows what a great asset you are to them and give you the recognition you deserve.  We applaud you and send you our appreciation for who you are and what you do.  You truly are the GREATEST!

Elaine H.


I want to say a big "Thank You" for the excellent job that you did for me.  You are always such a joy to work with and always have a big smile and wonderful things to say.  And such a positive attitude!

When problems presented, you put on your problem solving hat and they disappeared.  You made wonderful suggestions that really turned my house into a showcase.  You suggested that I paint walls and ceilings in neutral colors and every square foot looked better after I did it.  You were there with names and phone numbers of very qualified people to fix or install new or updates.  You were there when I needed to talk out ideas and/or frustrations.  You were there to smooth out all of the big and little glitches that always seemed to appear.

My house looked so good to me after all the changes and updates that I really hated to leave it.  But, retirement time came and family called.

Lindy, I want you to know that you were and are my "HERO" for the whole year of 2006.

Claudia F.


I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all the work you have done for me in buying AND selling my home.  You are so personable and it is always a pleasure to work with you.  You have a great talent for getting to know what people want and like in a home.  You always tried to figure out what I really wanted, and I never felt like you were interested in just a quick sale.

I truly appreciate your sincerity, honesty and non-pushy attitude.  You have always been very professional, well organized, knowledgable, and ALWAYS follow through with even the smallest requests almost instantly.  I never once felt like I was waiting around for an answer from you.

I appreciate your straightforwardness with buying a new house (you pointed out problems with houses as you showed me houses) and tips on selling my home.

I was especially impressed with the fact that you were a great help even AFTER buying and closing on my house.

You were also always willing to meet with me at my convenience, no matter how late or how rainy it was.

I would recomment you to anyone in a second, as I would be confident you would treat anyone with great respect and honesty as you treated me.

Thanks for your hard work.

Mark & Charlene B.

I am writing this as an unsolicited letter of recommendation for Lindy Chappell of Keller Williams Realty in Houston, TX.
My wife and I had experienced a wide variety of knowledge bases and skill sets when interviewing realtors for the sale of
our home in Houston.

We quickly realized  during our interview with Lindy that she offered a new level of professional service, knowledge of the
market, and very creative ideas on how to market our home.  She also reamined very sensitive to our needs and desires in terms of advertising and proactively promoted the fact that our home was special and that it warranted a hard look.

Lindy was tireless in her efforts throughout the entire contract.  She provided levels of customer service that we had never experienced with another realtor, yet she humbly considered her extra effort "just part of her level of service" to her
clientele.  We found ourselves stunned at times at extra steps Lindy would take on a daily basis to maximize her efforts.

In short, Lindy Chappell's efforts as our realtor provided us the smoothest, most professional, and comprehensive level of
service that we have ever experienced in a real estate transaction, and we could not recommend her any more highly or

You can speak with us personally by contacting Lindy for our phone number.

Bill & Patty K.


We want to tell you again what a pleasure it was working with you.  You went above and beyond our requests and expectations.  In a tough real estate market, you kept an optimistic attitude on the road to success!

Your diligence, attention to detail, willingmess to follow suggestions, innovative marketing strategies, and awareness of
market changes were superb.

For out-of-town sellers, communication is a key issue.  We were kept informed of advertisements, showings, feedback,
and open houses.  Information was available and kept current.

Lindy, it was a positve experience and a real joy working with you.   You're an asset to your profession and your agency!

Angela S.

Thank you so much for helping me navigate my first purchase of a home all by myself.  You were patient and informative, even when I'm sure I must have been driving you nuts!  You slowly helped me figure out what I wanted, what I could afford, where I wanted to live, and how to do it.  You surrounded me with qualified persons in every field and continued to hold my hand...although you didn't carry me over the threshold!
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you.  If/when I decide to make another move, I have your number on speed dial!  It is so rare to find such a high level of professionalism along with such a caring, fun person.  I certainly feel like I came out of this journey with a new home AND a new friend.
Angela S.